Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Portfolio time.

the last 2 days i've been trying to sort out my portfolio for assessment.
And while i'm doing it i get to figure out what else exactly i need to do.
and it's alot. alot.
i mean a lot. (not alot)...

I have t-shirts and posters to print.
labels to design.
and try and make my portfolio look pretty and handsome.
and try and do some more work for my portfolio so it all pieces together.
everything's going to take so long to do, and so much effort,
and i only have 2 weeks to do it.
hurry ange, hurry.

I love it all though, it's fun and exciting.
I'm sure i'll get it done *fingers crossed*

Holidays off from uni are never holidays,
just means more compact working hours.
What i mean is, the moment i wake up to the moment i go to sleep is all dedicated to working.

Here's something i did today,

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  1. A mí me pasa lo mismo. En estas vacaciones estoy terminando la tesis y es mucho lo que debo hacer. A veces me doy tiempo para ver mis blogs favoritos, entre ellos el tuyo.