Monday, 27 September 2010


And finally scanned.
Based on Ro, turned out looking more like Luke.
I love it,
Well I loved it more when I just did it.
I'm very ill right now,
Went and saw Skream in brighton on friday.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Drawing in these post.its has been the most waste of time ever!
Hmmm well actually, it could of turned out successful I guess...
Maybe tomorrow.
I'll let you know.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Square Eyes.

Because I brought my scanner/printer home yesterday,
Today I stupidly scanned, edited and uploaded ALL of my drawings from summer!!!!!!
Apart from about 3 which I want to go over.


I started drawing,
Realised what it should look like,
and it drew it.
He remind me of something from Dumbo.
The crazy elephants.

His back needs to be extended.
Fatter is better.


I stopped drawing skulls.
People not so dead.
More like Masks.

They have started reminding me of wood cut prints.


Death on my mind?

I love russian dolls.


I wonder how many skulls i can draw before i get bored?

Rubbish drawings AND GIRLS.



Saw a girl online with pink hair and nice makeup.
She really appealed to me for personal reasons.
I could notttt capture her beauty or edge.



Watch out who you let in your life.

Squibbles I did working at summer camp...

I love kids nearly as much as I love drawing my babies (monsters?)


The first word that comes to mind.
I did these when i had a creative block...
I don't know what was going through my mind.
A dark place.
That's what i'm sure of.
My creative eye was in though,
I don't know why it felt like I had a creative block at the time.

This was inspired by a fashion competition.
Inspired by, not created for.
This also, to maybe make up a dress.
But i decided to to leave it as it were.

A for angelina.

A for artichoke?


I want to make more stickers.
I would like more tattoos.

What is that on your head?

If I don't draw so much,
I'd get so much more done.

I don't call them monsters...

They are my babies.

(I'm scanning in all the work i've done over the summer break)

I might be selling some of my stickers.
I'll keep you informed.
I have an AMAZING opportunity to design something to be put on a beautiful motorbike.
I'm still in the thinking stage.

The Damned.

A copy of The Damned Album Cover.
And a sentance of lyrics that related to me.