Monday, 19 December 2011


Yes, boo to me not posting in a while.
Trying to organise my head!
Had my draft dissertation hand in last week,
and i'm at work, finding myself still writing my dissertation.
No rest for the wicked.
I may moan about having to write this damn thing,
only because i'm no good at explaining what's in my head.
I love the subject i am doing it on.
such a misunderstood art movement. How i love you so.
I love reading about it, and the images are just incredible.
This would be perfect if i wasn't so dyslexic.
Oh and had a dyslexia meeting today, i'm wanting my free mac,
but obviously i've left it too long so don't know if 5 months is an acceptable amount of time to be at uni till it finishes to be able to get a free mac... ya get me?

Light Shows.

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