Sunday, 8 May 2011


to show you what i mean.
Here i'm showing you it as a window display
ideally it would be a 3d window display not just one big flat image/poster
with the trees at the back of the window display and the figures being more in front.
that's what i'm trying to say.
It would be like stage set, with props, wall hangings and figures.


I had been thinking about photocopying my bunting but didn't know if it would turn out any bit successful
but my tutor mentioned it so i thought i'd give it ago
I think in this you can see more detail in each letter
I just used fabric pens... had to test out a few to see which actually bled on the material or not
so pleased with it.
A long process for something i just used as text but it was part of the process.
I like how i had a couple idea (balloons, greeting cards, bunting) and they all came together as a final piece.

Took about 2 hours per letter (near the end when i got use to what i was doing)
sewing the bunting up and onto the string took about 5 hours at least.
So worth it though.


Using one of my final pieces here i have shown how it would be presented.
My designs would be every where in the shop but also just parts of it like a flower hanging down from the ceiling. Little things make a huge difference.
It would have a magical feeling, and definitely give off a feeling that mumford and sons do.
Just an example
I will try and do more to show what i mean.

Blood, sweat and tears.

Was getting agitated and anxious about the fact i haven't had anything to blog about the last couple of days.
Just been busy doing my greeting cards and sorting my portfolio out.
So much blood, sweat and tears has gone into this module.
I really hope it pays off.
I took two of my drawings and part of the lyrics to 'white blank page' by mumford and sons.
Works nicely.
I like the composition and use of negative space.
It's simple but effective.