Friday, 26 November 2010

Look before you leave.

^All the titles I have put are the titles for the drawings^
Once I've finished the drawings in my sketchbook and I've blogged them all,
I'm going to start with Christmas cards, and a very special birthday card.

I haven't been able to edit these the way I'd like because I haven't got photoshop yet.

Take me over.

And pull me out of this.

Coming in from the shadows...

Yesterday ended so rubbish. But I made sure I watched the last two episodes of True blood before I went to bed.
And this morning I woke and baby Rory was here. A family friend's bubba.
I enjoy watching him dance to her words kill and primal scream and biting oranges with their peel still on.

Coming in from the shadows.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Testing a possibility...

I dyed my hair yesterday. First time in much over a year! It looks good.
Needed a change... been taking me too long to get it cut.
This isn't perfectly done yet...

It's a possibility.
Testing a possibility.

It's all good when you can draw.

It's all good when you can draw, and hit with the inspiration stick.

My ankles are cold. I'm not very welcome in the living room with the fire at the moment.
So I've moved into the kitchen and decided to scan as much as I can untill the living room is free,
so i can watch true blood and misfits. The last 2 weeks someone's been canceling misfits though which is so irritating!

Inspired by Funny face.
To find out what this is, visit my other blog of ineterests.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

We got fucked at your mums house.

It's been along time since we've done this.
3 Ginger's out having a whale of a time.
We missed out 4th ginge... Liz. Oh Liz.

This is my friend Rose.

Monday, 22 November 2010

DTA Promotions

I thought they'd do something better with my drawings for their flyer
but I'm just glad there was one use for one of my drawings.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Beauty skull mask.

You discover a way to do things when you don't have photoshop...

What do you think?

Click images to enlarge
Glad I had a second go on it

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

One more for today...

Something half finished.

A Handsome Process.

I called this drawing, Handsome.
Interpret it any way you like.
And this drawing I felt like I had to scan it every part of the way before I could add to it.
Just seemed right to do it this way.
If you go on my other blog called, 'Look what I found...' you'll see a post about all the old films i've been watching, this drawing was inspired by one of those films.
I think the film was, 'A stranger on a train'.

(Click to enlarge)