Thursday, 10 November 2011

Drawings I wont be using.

I have taken lots of books out the library for this project,
but i went to an exhibition tonight and decided to buy a book,
Alchemy and Mysticism.
I just couldn't resist. (Think i spent my food money for this week on it)

My original idea was to combine 3 things together,
The body

So i did body drawings which i would combine with symbols and line diagrams,
this idea was influenced by the illustrations on Robert Fludd's theories.
But now I have decided to concentrate on symbols and lines.
I really just want to concentrate on producing a fabric design,
and hopefully t-shirt designs as well.

So here are my drawings i wont be using for this project,
they aren't finished,
and in my own time i will finish them and add another aspect to them,
probably collage.

As above, So below.

And with aaaallllll the knowledge i've built up on symbolism (errrr)
I want to draw up some designs based on alchemy symbols,
also been looking at wicca symbols too which i've been mixing in my project.

I'm going to be designing some fabric designs,
and t-shirts.

This one is a rough idea how they may look,
Just a mock up to see if this drawing would work repeated.

As above, so below.