Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bunting finished... BUT

the problem now is photographing it properly to be able to put on some more greeting card designs...

Final zine- colour version

Main factors of this zine are that it is quirky, funny and dark.
Target audience is young people but also older ones who still remember what it was like to be a kid.

Final Zine- black and white

I decided to base my zine on childhood fears.
The location photography was round the home of places where children would be scared monsters would be waiting, or popping up.
This is my black and white copy.
This zine was very successful.
How i created the images was by a kind of collage.
I used the photographs i took and i also drew the monsters and the text.
the monsters i drew and cut out and placed in the photographs by hand by cutting up the photographs also.
i ended up using the images i photographed instead of scanned because the photographs had more shadow in them, which made it look more 3d like the monsters were coming out of their hiding places.

The font on the front and back i made by hand.
the monoprint i made of the monsters i made into a large pattern and cut the letters out of it and placed on black card.


with my new sewing machine.
thought i'd treat myself after allllll the work i did over easter.
but then again... i'd rather be paid with amaaazzzing grades then gifts
we'll see if it all pays off...


soooooo NEARLY done!!
my back hurts!!!
just incase you're wondering,
here i was just sewing up my bunting.
i'm going to photograph it hung up somewhere tomorrow
and on photoshop use it in some more designs for greeting cards for 'BE HAPPY'
I realise it's a lot of effort to just make some font type for my greeting cards.
but i wanted the greeting cards, bunting and balloons to be part of my final piece.
and this way they all are.
I like the big progress i have made from just the idea of be happy and greeting cards.
the balloons and bunting helped me do this.
we'll see how they turn out.
excellent i hope.