Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Font Two.

I tend to draw loads of geometric shapes.
So here i decided to create a font using lines.
I think it was pretty successful and looks quite interesting because of where the lines meet and overlap.
THS is sooo not fun enough!!!!
Got to make this fun!
I like lines.

Font Two and Three.

Here i did some more simple hand drawn lines.
I'm a bit dyslexic so yeah i got the alphabet wrong a couple times.
This is a bit too simple and doesn't look very good to look at.
Looks better up close.

If i had more time i would of liked to of spent more time on each letter,
like one letter per A4 page and really concentrated on creating each letter.


Yeah i like this paper.
Was pretty hard to do the alphabet on it because there was no straight line up.
But i like all the geometric lines and shapes you can make.
This made it so much more interesting not being able to draw a straight line up or down but only diagonal.
Looks a bit futuristic.
And the vague colour blue makes it look more interesting instead of having a plain white background.
Yeah i left X out by accident.
And I don't know what happened to K and L.