Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Just a start.
Not finished.
This is based on the idea of loving geeks
Everyone seems to love the guy from napoleon dynamite.

Gunna add a heart in there tomorrow.

Monday, 28 March 2011


You can't solve the world's problems... so why not start by making the people around you happy?!
This is my project.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Liz, Rachel and I are decorating our Student Union bar's tables.
We're painting them white and drawing on top in permanent pens.
It's based on victorian freak show, freak circus. 
Full of patterns and freaks. 
Here is some research.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

FONT TYPE- Numbers

Font TYPE 2

Here I'm going to do more cutting out of font.
I could be doing this on photoshop but i prefer doing it by hand and i prefer how it looks when you do it by hand.
What works so well is each letter is so unique yet has such an obvious theme and belong together.

I found this process most successful.
Taking a photo of a design i like, 
print it out,
write the alphabet on the photo in pen,
cut out the letters,
and put it in the scanner.
I should really do my own design.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Font experimentation

I think this is my favourite so far.
Using the photograph i took of the carpet i cut out the alphabet.
I love the colour and pattern which stands out from the plain background and also i like how each letter is so unique.

Font in use

I did want to make my own repeat pattern and use that to cut out the alphabet and numbers to use as my own font.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Font Two.

I tend to draw loads of geometric shapes.
So here i decided to create a font using lines.
I think it was pretty successful and looks quite interesting because of where the lines meet and overlap.
THS is sooo not fun enough!!!!
Got to make this fun!
I like lines.

Font Two and Three.

Here i did some more simple hand drawn lines.
I'm a bit dyslexic so yeah i got the alphabet wrong a couple times.
This is a bit too simple and doesn't look very good to look at.
Looks better up close.

If i had more time i would of liked to of spent more time on each letter,
like one letter per A4 page and really concentrated on creating each letter.


Yeah i like this paper.
Was pretty hard to do the alphabet on it because there was no straight line up.
But i like all the geometric lines and shapes you can make.
This made it so much more interesting not being able to draw a straight line up or down but only diagonal.
Looks a bit futuristic.
And the vague colour blue makes it look more interesting instead of having a plain white background.
Yeah i left X out by accident.
And I don't know what happened to K and L.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Starting to find patterns.

Carrying on the idea of repeat pattern i took some photos of patterns that i found and liked.
Hand made middle eastern carpet
Hand made middle eastern carpet
Aztec style sofa
70's patterned matress
Photos i can cut letters and numbers out of.

And we had these lying about...
But the 'V' is missing!

And I liked the shaped on this old theatre.

Artists for FONT.

Jayne Helliwel
I love the use of photos and type, and the type being a pattern.

Hattie Stewart!
I like the use of shapes hattie uses, they all look interesting and unique.

Jamie Milk.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Day One.
An Idea.
I started with thinking about what i would enjoy doing.
I thought i would enjoy doing this more if i based it on repeat patterns.
And then i thought about reptiles, and snakes because of their scales being a repeat pattern.
Idea One: To create a repeat pattern
Here i started drawing up some simple designs i could do.
I thought i could make a whole page of repeat pattern and cut the alphabet out of it.


Here i was testing out some hand drawn hand writing.

Friday, 18 March 2011

ZINE- practice

I like to write things down and practice things before I do them.
So this some more written ideas and me practicing before I do it on my final pages.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mono print- zine

Monsters drawn in mono print.
Drawing side.
 mono print.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My Baaaabies!

Monsters for my zine.
Can't wait to have it done.
Now I'm at home i'll be able to take more pictures because my flat is too small.
Stay tuned.

More monsters for zine.

I loooove drawing monsters.
It's quick so i can draw loads and they look so good, even if i say so myself.
Mum thinks they're to scary... i love it.
These are more monsters to add in my photographs.

ZINE- Early experimentatiiion

... with photos and drawings.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

So far...

These are really rough ideas.
this is basically what my zine will look like inside...

First off i started drawing monsters.
Then I took photos of where as a child you would think you'd find them,
These two photographs show monsters coming out the cupboard.
I took the photographs, printed them out and them cut them up and places the monsters where they should be with blue tack so they weren't completely flat down on the paper so when i photographed them you would see shadows and look more 3D.

In the process: Zine

We've got a couple days to make a zine.
To take 6 photographs in different location's and to construct a sequential narrative around them.
Also to use different processes to tell your story.

I decided to base it on 'childhood fears'
I am in the process of drawing my monsters.


Monday, 14 March 2011

WEBSITE DESIGN- some tidier designs

Thought I'd choose one design and make it easier to understand...

This shows if you click on the about me, my about me section will come up.
This would be filled with stuff about me and what i do etc...
This one shows that if you clicked on illustration... my illustrations would come up.
more images would show up if you scrolled down the page.
I would also have a short description about the illustration.
If you clicked on drawings... my drawings would come up.
And here you can also scroll down to see more drawings.
This here shows if you clicked on sketch book, sketch book pages would come up.
And also if you scrolled down more would show.

Also if you clicked on blog... it would direct you to my blog.
Same as if you clicked on twitter... or facebook.

For the background i used one of my drawings i have done and turned it into a repeat pattern. 
I love purple.