Sunday, 8 January 2012


I was quite good at sewing in the labels to the t-shirts,
yes i was quite surprised.

The labels:
Screen printed repeat pattern onto a fabulous colour, good quality material.
Sewn in using my cheapo sewing machine.
I've said it once and i'll say it again... fabulous.
What a word.
I didn't think i was good at working with fabric... but i guess i was proven wrong.

My original idea was to use this one:
But as you can see in this picture, i decided to go with the other pattern.
The design was taken from a stencil/monoprint i did of a symbol in alchemy.

The original...
^This is A3 size.^
I did this using a stencil i cut out,
a roller and block ink.
I do this because i love the texture given.
And this is the design i used to screen print onto the fabric.


The Golden Dawn.
Mixture of processes.
1) Drawing
2) Painted cork board and string
3) Ink and dip pen, stencil and block ink
4) Stencil and block ink and roller