Thursday, 5 May 2011

Greeting cards.

Finally photographed the greeting cards i did during easter.
I love the idea and i hand made the font.
I took the photograph as well and i drew the illustration and combined them all together.
I thought i needed a logo for the back too so that's also what i did.
These were my first ideas but now I've done my balloons and bunting i'm going to design some more.

How do i do this?

Experimenting with ways to edit the bunting to put on a greeting card
I went into uni and took advantage of their white walls and big space,
I hung my bunting up and photographed it.
Turns out white background doesn't work so well...
photoshop didn't like it.
Ended up having to photograph one letter at a time otherwise the letter wasn't very clear.
And then on photoshop i put each letter together...
Here i only did two.
Think i've found a quicker way to do it.

Second song illustration.

Hold onto what you believe.
This is my final FINAL piece.
I wanted to do this like i did the previous one...
all by hand, cut out and stuck on to give it more texture.
If i had my own way I'd have this and my other final piece every where in hmv and music shops.
with trees and flowers every where and hanging down from the ceiling,
so when you walk into the shop you feel like you're in mumford and sons world.
TRYING to try and show this on photoshop at the moment.