Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Golden Dawn.

This is based on 'The Golden Dawn'
The hermetic order of the golden dawn. (Hermeticism and Alchemy)

And here's an explanation i couldn't copy and paste...
so i print screened for you.
I don't have a way with words you see.

Making something amazing.

Been meaning to get round to doing this for a couple weeks.
Here are photos of the process so far.
Painted the gold string with gold fabric paint (having gold fingers was amazing)
And the green i dipped in green ink which was easier of the two because the ink isn't thick like paint and the string just absorbed the colour.
The gold i literally had to paint the colour on.
And i got a cork board and painted it black.
Found it hard to decide whether to paint it black, white or grey,
but i think black is going to more aesthetically pleasing and i like contrast.
I chose a cork board because the texture on the board should be perfect for my end product.

Not going to spoil the surprise of what i'm going to be doing until i get you some finished photographs.

And this one if a close up of the edges,
you can only see the lines once painted over slightly.
just found an interesting pattern which coincidentally fits in bloody well with this project.