Friday, 29 April 2011

Early experimentation/pages from sketchbook

Title for this blog says it all really.
Be Happy- The main idea for this project
Things to be happy for- Nature
This one is based on a quote i found about being happy-
This one is also based on a quote about happiness...

These last two look like the lettering needs to be filled in black.
In my sketchbook it looks fine how it is.

Definitely final font!

Turned out even better than i thought.
I just need to make a sentence or word out of it.
Personally... i love it.
I think it sums me up completely.
Especially my work.
I hope you enjoy it as much as me.
target audience, people looking for something unique and out of the ordinary such as website and label designers
It would be used for where it is the main focus where the words are important and not the back ground and to stand on it's own.

Repeat pattern for a Type face!

I decided to finally test out doing a kind of repeat pattern and making a font out of it.
Because my last final font was just a pattern i had photographed.
Taking my original idea of reptile skin i came up with this design and then i made it into a repeat pattern... just like reptile skin is like a repeat pattern.
This i hand drew in pen.
I started of with this drawing...

Then a bit of quick play around on photoshop...



On monday i finished drawing on my bunting.
As i said before i was quite surprised at how well it turned out.
I was panicking that the letters wouldn't turn out as well as i hoped and wasn't sure how the pattern would turn out.
But when i did a practice i realised that i would completely work.
And it did and i'm very happy about it.
I've just reserved a sewing machine so i'll be able to hem them all tonight.
I have string but it's like garden string so i'm not sure if i should find something better.
With my balloon ideas, and bunting ideas turning out so well i am going to combine all my ideas into a selection of greeting cards so all my ideas come together as one for a final piece.
I am so excited about it.

And these are the patterned material i chose.
As i said before, i chose flowers because they have a happy feel to them.
I chose the same pattern in different colours so they'd compliment each other and also the colours go with the plain material i chose to draw on.
Two of the triangles in this picture have been sewn already.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Finished balloons.

These make me laugh, even if i say so myself.
They do look pretty jokes.
I ended adding to each balloon because every time i did another balloon it would turn out better or i'd just want the face to have more designs in it.
I loved doing this.
Maybe because it was working in a bigger pen and maybe bigger scale.
Sounds abit arty farty but i felt pretty free when drawing on the balloons.
This project has definitely made me try different things and it's been great.
At the start of this project i struggled with ideas but now I am completely into it.
I have been totally surprised that all my ideas have been so successful!!

Couldn't ask for a better model i mean little sister.

Balloon 4

It's meant to have it's tongue sticking out.

Balloon 3

I will photograph these.
i like how different they look when they're scanned.
They're like a family.


yes i did call this post lol.
because this one makes me happy.


Balloon 2

the more balloons i do, the better they get
and scanning them in they look funny, they make me smile
which is good, i want to make things to make people smile.
Wait till you see the next one after this.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


balloons are always used for celebration.
so i knew they would fit in with my 'be happy' project
i decided to experiment on drawing on them.
Here's one.
I'm currently on my 3rd one.
Yeah i know here it looks more scary than happy but it's not that scary in real life... promise.
Yeah i scanned them... I'll photograph them when i've finished them all.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Starting my Bunting.

I went to the market on saturday and bought some material to make bunting.
I chose this material for the letters 'be happy'
I chose lovely patterned material to go inbetween each letter.
You'll see the patterned material in a later post.
I was thinking about how to do the letters.
My original thought was to draw on them but then i thought i could use iron tranfer to do it.
I ended up testing out all my fabric pens to see which would bleed and which wouldn't.
I got bored and decided to test out drawing on the material...
turns out to be a brilliant idea.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


I picked some flowers and scanned them.
and then on photoshop did this.
I think I'm going to use it to make the type out of.
Hopefully it will stand out enough on the image i want to use it for.


Playing around.


I love to draw.
Discovering ideas for:
'All the happiness you ever find lies in you'

'One joy scatters a hundred griefs'

I like this quote i found, unfortunately it's anonymous.
The background is a photo i have taken on some blossom.
Also type to be done and added to this.

'One joy scatters a hundred griefs'

I added more sprinkles here.
My version of sprinkles... obviously.
Type to be done.

Friday, 22 April 2011

'One joy scatters a hundred griefs'

More to come.
thinking about whether to add more or not.
I don't know if i printed out the photo and stuck the 'scatter' shapes and stuck them on by hand it would look better. 
We'll see.

One idea for an image.

This was my first go at doing this.
I'm going to go over the star drawings more so theres more lines and less white.

'Seeing stars make me happy'

...And wonder about the world.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I want to make these.

They've put them up for May festival.

Such a nice day.

Perfect to take some pictures for this project.
The sun always cheers you up.
And i love flowers.
I took my little sister for a walk to the woods and through some fields.
But she's a slow coach as she's only 7, so probably will go out another day on my own to take some better ones.