Monday, 14 March 2011

WEBSITE DESIGN- some tidier designs

Thought I'd choose one design and make it easier to understand...

This shows if you click on the about me, my about me section will come up.
This would be filled with stuff about me and what i do etc...
This one shows that if you clicked on illustration... my illustrations would come up.
more images would show up if you scrolled down the page.
I would also have a short description about the illustration.
If you clicked on drawings... my drawings would come up.
And here you can also scroll down to see more drawings.
This here shows if you clicked on sketch book, sketch book pages would come up.
And also if you scrolled down more would show.

Also if you clicked on blog... it would direct you to my blog.
Same as if you clicked on twitter... or facebook.

For the background i used one of my drawings i have done and turned it into a repeat pattern. 
I love purple.

Design a website.

My brief last thursday was to create rough ideas of how you would like your website to look.
I only just got my mac yesterday so i had nothing but preview to do this on,
so i had to do it all by hand...

The reason why I chose to set it out like this is because all the websites i have seen i have preferred the ones that were as simple as these.
I like having a background image so i chose one of my drawings and used it as a repeat pattern.




If you clicked on about me, where the drawing is would come up with my about me section
if you clicked illustration, where the drawing is all my illustrations would come up
If you clicked Drawings, where the drawing is all my drawings would come up
If you clicked blog, it would take you straight to my blog
If you clicked twitter, it would take you to my twitter page
If you clicked on facebook, it would take you to my facebook fan page