Thursday, 10 November 2011

Drawings I wont be using.

I have taken lots of books out the library for this project,
but i went to an exhibition tonight and decided to buy a book,
Alchemy and Mysticism.
I just couldn't resist. (Think i spent my food money for this week on it)

My original idea was to combine 3 things together,
The body

So i did body drawings which i would combine with symbols and line diagrams,
this idea was influenced by the illustrations on Robert Fludd's theories.
But now I have decided to concentrate on symbols and lines.
I really just want to concentrate on producing a fabric design,
and hopefully t-shirt designs as well.

So here are my drawings i wont be using for this project,
they aren't finished,
and in my own time i will finish them and add another aspect to them,
probably collage.

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