Sunday, 8 May 2011


I had been thinking about photocopying my bunting but didn't know if it would turn out any bit successful
but my tutor mentioned it so i thought i'd give it ago
I think in this you can see more detail in each letter
I just used fabric pens... had to test out a few to see which actually bled on the material or not
so pleased with it.
A long process for something i just used as text but it was part of the process.
I like how i had a couple idea (balloons, greeting cards, bunting) and they all came together as a final piece.

Took about 2 hours per letter (near the end when i got use to what i was doing)
sewing the bunting up and onto the string took about 5 hours at least.
So worth it though.

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  1. really cool! (love your work)