Wednesday, 7 December 2011

This scanner is well good...

So good that when i pressed scan by accident when i was cleaning the screen
you can even see my face...
Today was another busy day at uni.
I thought i was going off on a tangent doing other things that didn't need to be done,
but was doing it... just because.
Turns out, doing what i did gave me some brilliant ideas to further this project.
I'm needing to brand myself and the work i do.
Coming up with a name is hard.
But i have some ideas.
When i have some more solid ideas, i will share them with you.
For some reason i don't like giving away things too soon,
i guess it's like jinxing it.
Another busy day tomorrow,
getting my fabric design printed.
I don't want to speak too soon,
but I'm well excited about seeing it big and on fabric.
Another busy day tomorrow,
best get to bed.
Night, x

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