Monday, 9 May 2011

Initial Ideas.

I loved working on this project. At the beginning i was stuck for ideas of what to do and could only get started once i had thought of what to make for my final piece.
I wanted to make a product at the end instead of just some images.
My initial ideas were anti bullying and how to make people think about the sadness coursed by it but also to create a happy message within it. These were going to become posters which you would see every where, outside, inside, on the street.
But posters seemed to boring and the idea of combining a happy message with bullying obviously wasn't going to be as successful as i wanted it to be.
During this idea i also researched happiness quotes and asked people what makes them happy.
With the response i got i started drawing things that made people happy. This idea didn't develop as much as i would of liked because i was just going to create an image that a particular person said made them happy and give it to them.
With the quotes i started thinking about where people would least expect to find them but would also put a smile on their face when they saw it, like napkins and on the pavement.

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