Saturday, 16 April 2011

ZINE- Photographed

I did't want to use plain paper as the background so I have used paper from a graph pad.
I love all the triangles, i am verrrry keen on geometric shaaapes.
I took photos on location... around the home.
The photos i chose to use out of the bunch, i cut according to where the monsters would be jumping out.
(I enjoy doing most things by hand)
I drew out loads of different monsters on cartridge paper because it's not as white as plain paper.
I drew the monsters in pen and did a thick black outline around them and then cut them all out.
Drawing the monsters was the most fun.
I stuck the photos on the graph paper using blue tac, and then placed the monsters in there also using blue tac. The reason why i use blue tac is because unlike using glue you can move it all around as much as you want. The main reason why i used blue tac was to create more of an effect that the monsters are coming out at you because it propped them up.
This was brilliant when i set up the lighting and took photos of them because of the shadows they created.
Then using pen i added the type at the top of the paper.

I just need to do a front cover and back.
AND THEN make it into a zine.

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